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Improve Your Quality of Life with our Holistic Wellness Program
You may have considered a gym membership before as an effort to get into better shape. Unfortunately, many though fail to fully utilize their gym memberships due to aching muscles, lack of motivation and boredom with repetitive exercises. At Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy, our team takes a different approach to engage clients in a wellness program that enhances many areas of their lives.

The Therapeutic Difference
At Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy, when a client joins the monthly wellness program, they are not joining a gym to workout on a regular basis. They receive an individualized wellness program that is designed to work on certain goals. This could be reducing stress, alleviating pain or enhancing joint mobility.

Our One-on-One Approach to Therapy
By working closely with a therapist, a variety of exercises are used to work toward specific goals that you both agree on. Clients are engaged in the process so that no one is handed a generic list of exercises or recommended techniques. Everything is developed jointly between the therapist and the client. This also allows clients to mix up their workout routine and add new exercises to keep each session fresh and interesting. This alleviates any potential boredom with a workout that has become a little too routine.

Try Adding Aquatic Therapy to Your Routine
As an aquatics center, there is the option to add a water element to your monthly therapeutic wellness program. This adds many options for gentle strengthening and joint mobility, as well as relaxation to a wellness program. By working with a licensed therapist, your wellness program can keep you interested for a long time. As you begin seeing and feeling results, you’ll become more engaged in the wellness process.

At Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy, our team of highly experienced therapists work every day to help clients achieve their wellness goals. By working in partnership with clients, they become involved in their own health and wellness. Don’t just join a gym! Invest in yourself with a wellness program designed to enhance your life. Come visit our team today!

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