Need Weekday or Saturday Physical Therapy Appointments in Bowie? No Problem!
At Chesapeake Bay Physical Therapy, we believe in one-on-one instruction and supervision to ensure you help, not hurt, your overall fitness, the range of motion, and health. You’ll work with a licensed physical therapist to address your unique concerns with a personalized plan that’s different from anyone else who walks through our doors on their own health journey.

The Premier Aquatic and Physical Therapy Facility in Bowie, MD
Perhaps you’re experiencing chronic pain or you’re an active sportsman or woman ready to push to the next levels of fitness and performance. Both Physical Therapy and Aquatic Physical Therapy are two treatment methodologies that can address a wide variety of healing or overall improvement areas related to every part of the human anatomy. Aquatic therapy is a low-impact way to stretch and exercise using movements that would normally cause pain on a hard floor.

Comprehensive Approach to Wellness and Pain Reduction
Anyone suffering from ongoing pain knows that even a few moments of relief can be life-changing. At Chesapeake Bay Physical Therapy, our team is dedicated to finding holistic treatments that will help reduce or eliminate pain from your life. Whether you are suffering from short-term problems after an injury or surgery or the long-term effects of an illness, our licensed and caring therapists will help ensure that you receive the trusted care that you deserve to improve your quality of life.

Personalized Therapy and Education from Certified Professionals
We encourage you to check out our regularly updated Patient Education page for news on relevant sports and accident recovery topics, or simply contact our team in Bowie for a personalized evaluation and treatment plan.

To make an appointment at our location just south of Bowie and Annapolis Road in Whitemarsh Park, please call our front desk staff at (301) 262-5852 today. You’ll find our gym and aquatic facilities on 100 White Marsh Park Drive inside the Sports Fit Gym complex, where we share a full-service training and sports campus.

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Hours Of Operation
Our Bowie physical therapy team is available for convenient appointments throughout the week and Saturdays.

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