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Maryland Sports Physical Therapy Center

At Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy, many of our clients are active people who need to stay in good physical shape to continue safely enjoying their lifestyle. Our therapists work with athletes of all ages, backgrounds, and levels to prevent injuries before they occur. Physical therapy is a powerful tool to strengthen, loosen, and protect muscles from pulls and strains, but even if an injury happens out on the field or in the arena, we can help you recover more completely and in less time so you’ll be back out and doing what you love. If you want to perform your best and stay safe in your active lifestyle, please call the Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy location nearest you to work on preventive techniques with our team today.

patient with a therapist

Preventing Injury With Physical Therapy

Sports injuries often occur when muscles and joints are stressed in unnatural directions or beyond their capacity to absorb shock or tension, causing strains, broken bones, and more. Preventive physical therapy helps athletes like you to move properly (preventing unhealthy or dangerous joint stress) while simultaneously building strength and flexibility so your body can accommodate and recover from the demands of your favorite activities. You can protect and improve your physical abilities with help from our licensed physical therapists!

Recovering From a Sports Injury

ACL tears are common sports injuries across a variety of contact and non-contact sports, but their frequency makes them no less serious. The grueling recovery process can take 9 to 12 months in total, with a potential for reinjury that increases with improper or rushed healing. For clients recovering from ACL tears, or other injuries, physical therapy can have a significant impact on healing time and the ability to regain 100% of motion and flexibility.

At Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy, we often use Aquatic Physical Therapy sessions in a shallow therapy pool for recovery and healing. Working in water is a naturally low-impact and high-resistance environment, which is ideal for building strength and targeting specific muscle groups with minimal joint stress or discomfort caused by hard surfaces and gravity. Starting your recovery with aquatic therapy typically allows you to begin the healing journey sooner with movements that wouldn’t be possible on hard ground and can help reduce inflammation post-injury or post-surgery.

Fitness and Wellness Programs

Sometimes, you might want a more intensive partnership to increase your fitness levels while you achieve better movement through physical therapy. To help you reach your fitness and sports performance goals at any level, Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy also offers comprehensive fitness programs to build and tone muscle for endurance, high impact, and more.
If you’re interested in a fitness program, please visit the Wellness Program page for a complete wellness plan on a monthly basis or contact the Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy location nearest you to develop your own personal fitness strategy with the guidance of our licensed and trained therapy team.

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