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Aquatic Physical Therapy Providers in Maryland

At Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy we treat our patients using the latest techniques and methods to help restore function and get them back to work and play. Treatment includes using techniques both on land and in the water if necessary. If you’ve heard of or tried traditional Physical Therapy before, you know that moving and stretching in certain ways can be difficult or even too painful at the beginning. Over time, you’ll slowly increase your range of motion and eliminate chronic pain or inflammation. Aquatic physical therapy, where the treatment is performed in a warm therapy pool, removes the pressure of gravity and the impact of hard surfaces, allowing you to move more freely and achieve better motion and more comfort during and after each session.

With locations across Maryland, you can contact the Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy facility nearest you for full access to all our physical therapy services. Ask us about aquatic therapy, and together we’ll create a targeted and personal treatment plan that combines the most suitable physical therapy options

therapist examining a patient

What Is Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic therapy is a form of physical therapy performed in a warm therapy pool. Swimming experience is not necessary because the pool is shallow enough to stand. A therapist will work with you in the pool to supervise every session, and you are in control of all movements based on your personal comfort level. Depending on your diagnosis or areas of chronic pain or tightness, aquatic therapy may be a part of your personal therapy plan at any of our locations.

Typically, our clients who do start with aquatic physical therapy movements will eventually build strength and flexibility to the point where they can complete the same exercises out of the pool in our full-service clinics or at home.

Using Aquatic Therapy for Illness

Aquatic therapy allows for walking, running, and various movement activities without full weight-bearing impact. This makes therapy more comfortable for anyone managing an illness or health conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, post-surgery, and more. The warm therapy pools, used by aquatic therapists, decrease muscle tension and allow for a better relaxation response. The hydrostatic pressure of the water allows for decreasing edema in the extremities, and, overall, this form of therapy helps decrease spasms, reduce pain, and promote muscle relaxation.

Water-based Healing and Recovery

Depending on your needs, aquatic therapy may be an option in your treatment plan to help reduce recovery time and increase mobility after an injury or surgery. You’ll be able to begin the recovery process sooner because movements that are still too painful standing up are suddenly possible in a low-impact pool. There is less stress on affected joints, which allows you to maximize each movement without pain, while at the same time building strength and flexibility against the natural resistance of the water. As you heal, our therapists will help you transition out of the pool and onto the land, until you regain your full mobility again.

Passionate, Caring, One-On-One Approach.