Pre-Operative Physical Therapy

Post-Operative Physical Therapy

Rolling Out of the Operating Room and Into Rehab
Whether you have had knee, hip, or any other major surgery, you may find yourself wanting to get right back to life before the operating table. Unfortunately, it is not that easy and your body needs a little help and post-operative physical therapy to adjust to the new changes and get you ready for life after surgery. Depending on which surgery you experienced and what level of therapy you need will determine the frequency and level of your post-operative physical therapy sessions.

Will Post-Operative Physical Therapy Help Me with Strength?
One of the goals for this type of therapy is to boost your activeness and build your strength in the area of your surgery. Not using this part of your body due to pain following surgery can cause the muscles in that particular area to weaken and affect your recovery.

Can My Range of Motion Be What it Once Was?
Absolutely. As long as you continue to work with your therapist at scheduled sessions and attend them regularly, your range of motion will continue to improve and you will be using the affected area like normal in no time. Building up your range of motion also initiates healing and boosts your mobility.

Which Therapy Is Right For Me?
The greatest thing about post-operative physical therapy is that it is different for each patient to fit their needs. Based on what your surgery was for and the level of discomfort and healing your body requires will determine exactly how much physical therapy you need and which exercises to use during each session.

It’s Time To Get Started
If you recently had surgery or have one fast approaching, making plans for your post-operative physical therapy is essential. Our team at Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy is ready to assist you with your physical therapy needs and get you back on the road to recovery, living your best life. Give us a call today for more information and schedule your first appointment following your surgery.

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