Patient Satisfaction Survey

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At which location did you receive your treatment? *
Reception *
I was greeted courteously on the phone and at the front desk.
I received answer to my questions.
The front desk was professional in their interactions with me.
I found it easy to schedule appointments for the times and days that were convenient for me.
The reception area was clean and organized.
Treatment *
I was taken back for my appointment at my appointment time.
The clinic was organized and clean.
My therapist provided information in a way that was clear and concise.
My therapist listened and was responsive in addressing my physical problems and limitations.
I received a home exercise program and it was explained to my satisfaction during my first visit.
My therapist treated me respectfully and was professional..
Support staff was courteous, professional, and helpful.
I am happy with my progress in reaching my therapy goals so far.
I will recommend Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy to friends and family members.
Which features of our clinic influenced you to choose Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy? *
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