Pregnancy- How Will You Prepare

In our office we talk a lot about the difference prevention can make for patients.  Whether it is training for a 5k, scheduling therapy before a major surgery or preparing for childbirth, being prepared can help you tackle the challenge and leave you stronger and more capable afterwards.

Preparing for childbirth can be scary.  You question how your body will change, what will hurt, and what will work differently afterwards.  But preparing for your pregnancy can mean a more comfortable pregnancy, an easier birth and a quicker recovery afterwards.

Start a Regular Exercise Routine

While most people know that exercise is good for your body, many forget the mental benefits of exercise.  Regular exercise reduces the amount of cortisol in your system.  Cortisol is  also known as the stress hormone. Creating a routine will make you stronger mentally and physically.  After you become pregnant it is recommended that you do low impact exercises and consult a doctor before starting any new exercise routine.

Strengthen Your Core

While there are some core exercises you can do while pregnant, it is recommended that you start core exercises before you are pregnant.  Having a stronger core during pregnancy will help you avoid back problems in the later months of the pregnancy.

Consider Yoga

Gentle yoga with a focus on breathing will help reduce the stress of your pregnancy, strengthen your body and help with flexibility.  It may also make delivery easier because you will have practiced the art of breathing.

Kegel Kegels Kegels

Strengthen your pelvic muscles.  This is the advice most often given to pregnant women but one that cannot be overstated. Preparing your pelvic muscles before pregnancy can have an even more positive affect.  Having a strong pelvis can prevent pain later in pregnancy, prevent leakage when sneezing or laughing, make childbirth easier and recovery quicker.  

Keep in mind that you may need some help learning how to best perform a kegel.  A qualified physical therapist can help.

If you are considering pregnancy these applying these steps to your lifestyle now can help you be healthy and ready for the trials of pregnancy.