Danielle Goldstein, Director of Operations at Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy is now treating patients at the S3 Training Center

Danielle will be working with athletes from all sports who are currently experiencing injuries or those athletes who need a little extra care as they prepare for their season.

Danielle uses sports specific physical therapy to help athletes get back in the game safely.  She is a former Junior Tennis player, ranking #1 in the Mid Atlantic and #50 Nationally.  She went on to play tennis at Tulane University as a 4-year Scholarship Athlete.  Because of her lifelong experience as an athlete she understands the athletes’ drive and harnesses this drive to help them recover and return to their sport. 

Danielle has more than 20 years experience treating patients.  At S3 Training Center Danielle will continue using Aquatic Therapy in conjunction with land based therapy to help athletes return to their sport in optimal condition.

S3 Training Center has been assisting young, competitive athletes to get off the bench and into the game for over 16 years.  S3 Training Center has developed the unparalleled “Skill-Speed” training program and is committed to teaching youth, high school and college athletes at every level, how to execute the critical skills for their specific sport at true game speed.

S3  Training Center is located at 1412 Shoemaker Road, Baltimore, MD 21209.


 To make an appointment with Danielle, please email her directly at danielle@cbayaquapt.com