Manual Physical Therapy

At Chesapeake Bay Aquatic and Physical Therapy we provide numerous different forms of Manual Physical Therapy which involves one on one treatment from a physical therapist.

Manual Therapy encompasses a variety of techniques that include soft tissue manipulation, myofascial release, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilization for joints of the extremities and the spine, active release techniques, muscle energy techniques, and mobilization with movement.

What to expect during manual therapy?

At Chesapeake Bay Aquatic and Physical Therapy you can expect our therapists to perform a comprehensive evaluation that includes a discussion regarding your condition, lifestyle, medical history, and your goals for physical therapy.

The examination portion will include a posture assessment, active ROM, passive ROM, strength, flexibility, joint mobility, and core/postural stability. The evaluation is important because it gives the therapist time to identify all of the impairments that need to be addressed with modalities, exercise, and manual therapy.

Types of Manual Physical Therapy


We offer a variety of Manual Therapy techniques but we have highlighted some of the most researched and effective forms below that we offer at each of our locations.

Soft Tissue Manipulation 

Soft tissue manipulation includes  one on one treatment with a board-certified clinician that identifies areas that require techniques to reduce tone or spasms which is individualized for your needs.

Myofascial Release 

Myofascial release techniques are used to improve mobility of your fascial system from very superficial and deeper layers that affects how your musculoskeletal system moves and adapts to your lifestyle demands.


IASTM is  a technique that involves several different instruments to improve mobility of muscles, tendons, and the myofascial system.

Joint Mobilization 

A skilled therapy technique that identifies joint mobility restrictions of the extremities and the spine in which the clinician provides hands on treatment to improve how the joint moves to improve your recovery from an injury.

Active Release Techniques

Active release techniques involve a therapist identifying trigger points on the body and having the patient activate and relax the surrounding tissues to eliminate trigger point and myofascial related pain.

Muscle Energy Techniques

Muscle Energy Techniques are used to enhance mobility of musculoskeletal system by identifying joint and myofascial restrictions and having the patient contract specific muscle groups that allow the body to improve mobility with the patient controlling the treatment

Mobilization with Movement 

With this technique we are able to identify joint restrictions and apply  skilled therapy techniques that allow the therapist to perform a mobilization technique while the patient performs an active motion in the plane of the restriction to improve mobility and improve function.

If you are currently recovering from an injury and would like to speak with one of our physical therapists you may reach us here.



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