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Golf Enhancement Program in Maryland(MD)

Our Golf enhancement program includes a full examination, including:
  • Overall flexibility and strength assessment
  • Golf specific flexibility and strength assessment
  • Orthopedic and or injury assessment if necessary
  • Shoulder core strength examination
  • Discussion of the golf game and specific problems/limitations
  • Trunk core strength examination
  • Balance examination
  • Home exercise prescription
Individual sessions with Physical Therapist including:

One on one sessions with a therapist using manual skills to enhance the flexibility of golf specific musculature and joints.

  • Golf specific training/exercise working on core strengths, stretching, and balance.
  • Specific physical therapy if needed before heading to sports enhancement.
  • Development of individualized home exercise program to address clients limitations.
  • Print out of findings and exercise program including any re-evaluations to track progress.

* Discussion of the golf game and specific problems/limitations..note not specific swing flaws or ball flight discussions which are to be had with club professional

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