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Gymnastics is one of the most demanding sports on a young athlete’s body. The sport requires hours of dedicated training with little break throughout the year.

Girls train on 4 events and boys train on 6 events. The training requires rigorous skills training, strength, and conditioning. With the amount of training that is required, aches and pains are a common occurrence with gymnasts. It is important that these aches and pains are addressed early before they become injuries that may impact a gymnast’s career.

Common Gymnastics Injuries Include;

ACL tears
Wrist Sprains
Ankle Sprains
Back pain
Achilles tears/tendonitis
Labral Tears

How CBAY Can Help

At Chesapeake Bay Aquatic and Physical Therapy we have staff with over 18 years of experience in gymnastics who have put together a comprehensive evaluation and training program. Therapists can evaluate and treat injuries to return athletes to peak performance as fast as possible or you may meet with a therapist to perform a training program that is tailored to injury prevention and optimizing performance.

If your young athlete is struggling with a gymnastics related injury, contact us to learn how aquatic and land-based physical therapy can help them recover faster.

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