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Golf Playing Better Through Fitness

What if we told you your golf game could be better?

It’s true! You can hit the ball farther and straighter and you could feel better during and after your round! You can play consecutive days with less pain. With guidance and some effort on your part, you can make this happen.

The Complex Game of Golf

The game of golf features one of the most complex activities in all of the sports. If you play the game you know it as “a good golf swing”. Whether or not you are a once every year at the company fundraiser type player or the passionate and frequent player, the desire to improve your swing is ever present.

Why is it so difficult? The golf swing uses multiple joints, supported by dozens of tendons and ligaments, and powered by muscles from the tip of our hands all the way down to the bottoms of our feet. All of these muscles have to fire in a correct sequence all to do one thing. To get the club back exactly where it started with enough momentum in order to propel that little white ball out there into the wild blue yonder and hopefully landing in a nice, well-manicured, patch of grass. At which point you can do it again.

Why It’s So Difficult

Here’s the problem. What if those muscles don’t work well? Are too tight? Too weak? What if the joints are too painful? What if your balance is off?

Does your back knee straighten on the take away even if you don’t want it to? Are you able to transfer your weight to your front leg during the follow through? Are you able to get the golf club under your chin on the takeaway or rotate your shoulder enough to get to the apex of your backswing?

These are just a few scenarios that can be affecting your game and can be improved upon with exercise and some help from your local Physical Therapist.

How Physical Therapy Can Help

A good PT can assess your physical condition by taking into account your flexibility, your strength, any injuries or painful joints, and balance all in 30 minutes or less!

They can come up with a plan for you to improve some or all of these aspects of your body that will allow you to be freer and able to hit that ball the way you want to. Did you know that every mph you can increase your swing speed will translate into several feet of distance? Did you know increasing your flexibility and strength will increase your swing speed? Putting together a good physical program along with lessons from a PGA professional is guaranteed to lower that handicap!

The Physical therapists at Chesapeake Bay Aquatic and Physical Therapy are just the right people to get you back safely into your golf game after injury or surgery. We separate ourselves in this aspect from the competition. You get an individualized program geared towards getting you back out on the course!

When you ask yourself are you ready to play golf this year, you have the irons, you have the woods, you have the balls, but have you taken care and improved the most important part of your game? Your body? It’s time…

Ron Herbst, MPT, MTC has been treating golfers for over 20 years. He has treated members of the PGA, Champions Tour, and LPGA as well as many local golfers around Maryland. He has run golf enhancement programs for Union Memorial Sports medicine, Physiotherapy associates, and Herbst Physical Therapy. He has trained many of therapists at Chesapeake Bay Physical Therapy to employ his techniques and unique views on how to return to playing golf from injury as well as golf enhancement through physical therapy and exercise.

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