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What is the developmental sequence?

The developmental sequence is how we as humans progress from being immobile as newborns to standing and moving in an upright position.

Who could benefit from the developmental sequence?

Anyone could benefit from going through the developmental sequence. Concepts such as rolling are not practiced as often the older we get and become more important later in life especially in regards to falls. Children could also benefit because of the dynamic challenges to stability such as coming from a kneeling to a standing position.

Where is it important?

The developmental sequence could apply anywhere, however, it is probably most important in the home. It is my role to try and prevent falls by helping you as my patient to get stronger, be more stable, and have greater flexibility or range of motion. However, accidents do happen and it’s up to me and you to always have a Plan B.

When would we begin to practice?

We want you to be clear of any precautions before we begin such as after a hip replacement surgery and when you are mostly pain-free. If strength and range of motion are lacking only a little then we can begin right away since the first steps are laying on your back and belly and trying to roll.

Why is this important in the long run?

If you cannot stabilize yourself on your hands and knees then how do you expect your body to be able to support you in standing? If you fall at home or out in the community you can know that with or without assistance from another person you can stand up or get somewhere safe on your independently.

How do we begin?

Schedule an appointment with us at Chesapeake Bay Aquatic and Physical Therapy and if we feel that the developmental sequence is something that could be relevant in treating what you present with it can be included into your overall treatment plan.

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