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Kinesiology Tape in Maryland(MD)

Kinesio Tape is a thin, stretchy, therapeutic, latex-free tape that mimics the qualities of skin. It is water resistant and can be worn for days at a time. The Kinesio taping method is a technique that has benefits for orthopedic, neuromuscular, and neurological conditions.

Kinesiology Tape microscopically lifts the skin helping improve circulation and healing. It helps decrease inflammation and swelling. Kinesio tape gives dynamic support and stability to joints and muscles without restricting the range of motion. It also helps reduce pain, prevents injury, prevents over-stretching of injured muscles, reduced muscle spasms, reduces fatigue in overused muscles, and helps restore strength to weak or injured muscles.

Kinesiology tape can be used along with other treatments and modalities in the clinic. CBAY provides Kinesiology Taping at all 5 of our locations. Please contact your closest clinic for pricing and to schedule an appointment.

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