• Proper Snow Shoveling

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    It’s the one thing we Marylander’s love and dread at the same time…snow. With snow days being an exciting part of our childhood past, for adults the thought of flakes falling from the sky is more of a nightmare than a dream come true. While sleigh riding, skiing and snowball fights may bring...

  • Sleep Hygiene – How Are You Sleeping?

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    sleep hygiene

     Sleep hygiene is an important consideration for life but when you are healing from an injury or surgery, it is even more important. I often ask my patients who come into the pool for their therapy, "How are you sleeping?"  A surprising number report that their sleep is terrible and that...

  • Relieve Neck Pain

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    neck pain

    Neck pain is one of the most common pains that a person will experience throughout his life.  There are very few people who will not experience neck pain.  What Causes Neck Pain There are several causes of neck pain, ranging from simply sleeping in the wrong position to poor posture and...

  • Vertigo – Help The Room Is Spinning

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    Not being in control is maybe one of the scariest and most uncomfortable things we can experience. This is just what you experience when you suffer from vertigo. HELP! The Room Is Spinning Imagine waking up from a nap and as you attempt to stand up, the room just starts spinning?  You have...

  • Golf – Play Better Through Fitness

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    What if we told you your golf game could be better? It’s true!  You can hit the ball farther and straighter and you could feel better during and after your round!  You can play consecutive days with less pain.  With guidance and some effort on your part, you can make this happen....