• Do You Know The Signs Of A Stroke?

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    A stroke is when blood flow to the brain is cut off for any length of time.  Strokes can be caused in two different ways: blood flow is blocked (ischemic stroke) to the brain or there is bleeding in the brain (hemorrhagic stroke).    Sometimes blockages can be temporary, called a...

  • Five Pool Exercises To Increase Your Cardiovascular Health

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    pool exercises

    We believe in the power of water to help people get in shape.  Because water reduces the impact of joints, people who want to get fit but have some joint pain or other issues with weight bearing exercises will find it more comfortable than walking or running outside. There are many benefits...

  • Physical Therapy As An Alternative Pain Relief

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    Pain can be debilitating.  It can keep you not only from the activities you love but in some cases, it can keep you from even your everyday routine.  We have heard stories of patients who can’t put their pants on in the morning because of severe back pain.  We hear patients talk...

  • Pregnancy – How Will You Prepare

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    In our office we talk a lot about the difference prevention can make for patients.  Whether it is training for a 5k, scheduling therapy before a major surgery or preparing for childbirth, being prepared can help you tackle the challenge and leave you stronger and more capable...

  • Proper Snow Shoveling

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    It’s the one thing we Marylander’s love and dread at the same time…snow. With snow days being an exciting part of our childhood past, for adults the thought of flakes falling from the sky is more of a nightmare than a dream come true. While sleigh riding, skiing and snowball fights may bring...